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The Process

Spray Wizz will run an extended lead from your power supply to the van. We start the repair by compounding with an electric polisher to damage area and the area which will be sprayed.

We then sand down the damage area with our palm sander.

Fill the damage area with bold filler.
While the filler is drying we mask the area that needs protecting from overspray, sand down the body filler and prepare for primer.

After a few coats of primer we prepare the area for the base coat (paint/ colour coat) with our special environmental friendly water base paints.
After a few coats of paint we let the paint dry completely. Then we start to apply the clear coat (lacquer). We only use industry standard high premium 2k lacquer design to be durable with a good shine and long lasting finish.

Straight after a few coats of lacquer. We blend in our clear coats with the existing or original lacquer using our special blending smart repair techniques.

Once we finish blending we leave our infra-red lamp to cure the repaired area for 10 to 15mins.

After when it has dry we will compound and polish the repaired area.